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Nathalia Suizu aka NATSUI, is an emerging Melbourne based artist with a background in Interior & Graphic Design. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to immigrant Japanese/Italian parents, she grew up in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, before relocating to London and then Melbourne. Her interest in travel, culture and self-discovery has taken her all over the globe, including a recent spell living in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Nathalia’s work brings to life a vibrant, pop art world that is colourful, bold and likely to make you smile. Her treasured encounters with ethnic traditions inform her strong use of pattern and colour, whilst her background in design is expressed as clean lines and balanced compositions. She works with acrylic/guache mediums and favours richly saturated, flat and glossy colours, the likes of which take her many coats and hours to achieve. She meticulously executes her detailed paintings with a brush and steady hand, but true to her roots as a designer does much of her sketch-booking digitally, using an Ipad & Apple pencil - a tool that helps her efficiently and effectively validate countless iterations of concepts and colour schemes. She thoroughly enjoys the research component of each painting and will often draw from online references, collected material and her imagination.­­­

Nathalia considers herself to be a nostalgic soul and draws much inspiration from the ‘Vintage’, in particular; the 80’s aesthetic, traditional tattoo design, spiritual/religious iconography, vintage fashion and any manner of craft that falls under the banner of ‘folk art’. There are many artists Nathalia admires and feels strongly influenced by, including Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Jean Paul Goude, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Harring, Geoff McFetridge and the Lorenzo Family artists, to name a few.

The content of Nathalia’s work reflect her varied inspirations and charter a personal journey with plant medicines and alternative healing modalities. Her paintings have been likened to Tarot card designs, often containing a narrative of symbols and recurring motifs that lend themselves to personal and collective interpretation. The frequently appearing motif of the ‘snake’ is one such example, which has been magically infiltrating her work since her first experience with Ayahuasca in 2011.

Through her work Nathalia explores the process of making art as a microcosm of living. She describes her creative process as akin to a meditative practice, in which she strives to cultivate joy, through mindfulness and alignment with her inner being. She delights in the spontaneity, wellbeing and mystical connection that manifests through this process and seeks to share the beauty she experiences in the world. Her vibrant creations are a celebration of life - jovial transmissions from a wise and generous universe.

All work © Copyright 2018 Nathalia Suizu / NATSUI